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In the high-paced, perplexing world of fashion, longevity is rare and hard to come by. Yet Yohji Yamamoto has perpetuated his iconic partnership with Adidas for 13 years; showcasing his masterful tailoring, attention to detail, and his effortless blend of flowing sportswear & high couture technical garments. As the living legend pointed out his enduring partnership stood the test of time, often in his own perplexity and disbelief at his ongoing success, we rejoiced in the display of his work for generations to come.

The frostbitten Palais de Tokyo upon the northern bank of the River Seine amalgamated the setting for this year’s Adidas Y-3 show at Paris Fashion Week, with several goth-ninjaesque enthusiasts enduring the cold to bear witness to the 2017 Fall Winter launch. Juxtaposed together harmoniously: women's, men's and sportswear were united by Yohji's seamless synergy of flawless design and sportswear.

A smooth, yet distorted electric guitar played fluidly while the syncopation of constant jazz rock drums opened up the Fall Winter 2017 Y-3 show. In unison, the all black runway lit up in the middle to all white followed by a forest green camo background to showcase the theme of the collection. The somber elegance displayed was an homage to Yohji's technical yet, effortless style. Fall Winter's theme served to explore the relationship between technology and nature, presented through the looking glass of a "digital forrest", the contrast exhibited by dappled shadow and vivid uniform light brought the idea to life. This awe inspiring narrative challenged the utilitarian idea of living in a digital world where the role of technology has usurped our lives, the challenge of living in a modern world was reclaimed by innocence and nature.

Y-3 success is largely owed to its unapologetic, unwavering consistency and its brand identity in constantly exploring the intersection of fashion and technology, with mostly a monochromatic palette.  The layered, thick dark slices of Yamamoto heaven showcased fascinating details: enveloping outerwear layers with fluid lines, the criss-crossing of heavy duty zip ups and straps, perforated knitwear to serve as a layering accent, the thin sliver of green served to high light the plethora of drop crotch infused silhouettes. Ultimately, Y-3's show was successful in utilizing space to created the effect of a forest floor blanketed by darkness but pierced by the effervescent rays of sunlight hitting its perforations. Elongated nylons, digital forest prints and gross grain weaved fabric further served to exemplify Yohji's balance of harmony within nature, design and technology.