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By combining a maximalist point of view with a clean, strong aesthetic, Huajia Studio has caught the eye of Vogue and the rest of the world in only one year's time. Imagine a tennis player who transformed her look with sleek, futuristic metallic chic under the watchful tutelage of Jeff Koons. That is the small glimpse into the essence of Huajia Studio. Hua also just happens to be the only NY-based designer to be nominated for the H&M Design Award 2014 and featured in The WILD’s Youth Issue. Hua's creations are a beautiful tour de force of sportswear with a modern riff and a maximalist, youthful attitude that blends seamlessly into rather strict and refined silhouettes.

Hua's Collection for Fall/ Winter 2015 takes an multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary approach by taking powerful materials and combining them in the most masterful way. Huajia Studio takes materials such as oversized elements and mixes them with ultra feminine silhouettes beneath underlying details such as transparency. Bomber jackets feature mixed fabrics with vertical as well as horizontal line stripes. Textures, the use of color and juxtaposition with casual flair mixed with the sporty is readily apparent.

 Long silhouette striped dresses, metallic shorts, and sheer tops with gold flatforms and plastic details complete the picture. The street style transformed chic vibe was not surprise here-- not the stunning gold metallic backdrop, but the remarkable couture craftsmanship (and attention to detail) of every piece. The fact that we are dealing with smooth, perfectly executed garments proves, even defines, the bipolar character of this presentation; landing somewhere between a sportswear aesthetic and evening wear execution.