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Noe Undergarments

          Noe Undergarments features an aim toward progressive style, merging sustainable materials with personal expression, unrestricted freedom through duality and the contrast of (under)garments and (over)garments. The inner play of duality is evident in NOE with shadow and light, rigidity with fluidity, masculine and feminine, with the balance between each being shown. By utilizing premium fabrications, European sewing technique and a close eye for detail, NOE seeks to showcase a unique approach to the fashion market and inspire. Both twin sisters Bonnie Rae and Shaleah Jean grew up in Kauai where there design was inspired by the free flowing tropical lifestyle with amorphic structure which is apparent in there work.

NOE Undergarments is about creative expression through intimate apparel, encouraging confidence by bringing the visible rise of innerwear to the forefront of a woman’s personal style.  Through combining their relaxed island style with their travels to global cities across the world, Noe Undergarments was born. Through their ethos of keeping things simple, Noe stays very true to its aesthetic identity a statement of unabashed minimalism, fluid design and unrestrained elegance.

The name sake Noe originated as a result of Bonnie and Shaeleah's dual heritage and cultural influences. Noe is a name with both Hawaiian and French roots which is popular in the islands where it means "pure, peace and simplicity"  a name which stays true to its meaning through design as well as origin. "We would tell each other whomever has a girl first gets to name her Noe, well, neither of us have a daughter so this is our baby girl! “Undergarments” was chosen as we feel it has a bit of a masculine and raw feel to it, it doesn’t seem too perfect…which is what were about. "

A key challenge with NOE, as well as a special property of the brand is its ability to make undergarments and the transition between outerwear and inner wear blur. Many retailers would say "we don't carry undergarments or Ready to Wear Garments". The market is becoming more progressive, especially in Europe where a feminine bustier bra will be worn with a womenswear suit and incorporated into everyday garments. High end fashion will incorporate ready- to wear garments, formal wear and undergarments often on the same rack. By the same token, swimwear is also being carried into more stores that normally would never carry it.