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Rick Owens DRKSHDW

 In the last recent few years, Rick Owens diffusion line has garnered its own cult following based on its minimal adherence to trend and its emphasis on the basis of structure, the human silhouette and a monochromatic palette.

“They want tank tops and shorts. Underneath it all, it’s essentially halter tops, tube tops and shorts. I’m just trying to blend it all together.” Owens says about DRKSHDW, either they'll get it or they won't.

When the Rick Owens DRKSHDW store opened a few years ago in Soho on a Tuesday on Wooster Street, bright neon lights with the DRKSHDW logo adorned the front, with the only shadows being the clothing with minimal and functional structure. The loose-collared, inky black denim jackets and elongated sleeveless shirts in various shades of charcoal that suggest, as Mr. Owens said, “workers’ uniforms from an Art Deco prison.”

“I like reducing things to what’s essential,” Mr. Owens said. “I like erasing the unnecessary, doing things shorthand and getting to the point.”