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Nancy Stella Soto

Nancy Stella Soto is a designer that focuses on the forms in between, utilizing amorphous forms and structures she seeks to define the undefinable. By creating small collections of handcrafted pieces that subvert traditional forms and merge dichotomous elements: excess and disappearance, resilience and disorder. Utilizing recycled canvas, vegetable-tanned leather, horn, hemp, wool, and brass, the pieces in her collections are the material remainders of origin and process. Soto's practice hinges on self-imposed limitations that structure the conceptual framework for the clothing and jewelry she produces. In the accumulation and repurposing of found material, Soto incorporates temporality into her object-making by often utilizing the sun to affect textiles and metals through fading and aging, as well as considering the destructive roles of chaos and interference. This method echoes the cyclical course of nature--without ignoring the destruction and ravage of time itself. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Soto lives and works in Los Angeles.

Soto gleans her ideas from cultural detritus, history, and comedy. She isn't not emphatic about her fetish for detailed construction and chance operations, which, when properly commingled, don't not yield wearables that lie between conventions. Nancy Stella Soto isn't not a womenswear designer who dangles the absurd into an elegant frame.