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Kadletz Jewelry


      As a new jewelry line with a modern sensibility, Kadletz is defined by clean, bold and minimal lines with a fierce edge. Kadletz values quality,versatility along with the feature of an unexpected aesthetic. The primary goal is to push the boundaries of jewelry by playing with shapes and forms. In a world of redundant sophistication, the goal is to strive for something unique and original. By showcasing premium materials with an intrinsic understand of craftsman ship, design aesthetic and market sensibility in the marketplace, Kadletz is able to deliver a unique approach as well as product for the marketplace.

All products by Kadletz are unique in the manner that they are all handcrafted and finished in Los Angeles. Supporting local designers that are innovative is something we like to do, to furnish and cultivate talent in the area. Kadletz jewelry requires care to maintain its core beauty, utilizing the polishing clothing will do this. With normal wear the natural luster of Kadletz pieces will be enhanced as a fine wine's flavor grows with proper maturation.

By balancing both quality and versatility, Katie Kadletz is able to strike a synergy that is difficult to achieve in both design as well as life.The simple lines create a striking impact on the eye. A Kadletz piece can be worn on its own or in sync with other pieces accomplishing an edgy yet sophisticated look. Worn by street style influencers, her Pincher Rings and Double Tusk Cuff have won fans worldwide. Simple elegant lines create dramatic effects.