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                   Redefining menswear is more than a tricky balancing act-- in itself, that would be a euphemism for the nature of the beast. However this is exactly what DDUGOFF manages to do each season, more notably, Spring 2015 Collection. Blurring the lines between streetwear and menswear, finding the balance between sporty and formal is a line many try to cross but  few do well. DDUGOFF successfully explores the contradictions between the two.

       A knit cotton t-shirt feels synthetic but breathes like organic fiber, the nylon on a windbreaker comes so light that it feels like tissue paper, and a polyester parka is treated to feel like hardy twill cotton. "People our age," Daniel DuGoff says, "if they're gonna spend this kind of money on something, want something that feels special." And his clothes literally do. "But," he adds, "you also want something that you can wear like three days a week without your friends calling you out on always wearing that one ridiculous thing."

  Getting to the core of something that DuGoff finds important and seeks to find relevance in. How can you make a basic tee, or a wardrobe staple like the iconic chambray shirt a little more special but still keep its essence? This is central to the study of DDugoff, i.e. finding the perfect pair of pants that make it extra unique because the fabric is a little softer, the pocket feels just right. That is what is --- exciting.