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Rick Owens


     Rick Owens is the quintessential, American unisex designer who's artistry extends beyond convention, whose vision leads without pretention. Owens is the essence of the movement that defies the norm with effortless fluidity, in Rick's own words." if you're going to do something exaggerate it!" Originally, Owens studied Chinese at the Otis school of Design in Los Angeles, before dropping out to learn the technical trade of patternmaking and draping courses at Los Angeles-Technical College, first starting off in the garment industry as doing knock-offs of high fashion. 

      Rick Owens' avant-garde aesthetic has garnered an extraordinary cult following. Since winning the CFDA's New Talent award,  Owens' rock-inspired designs have wowed the fashion crowd. His "glamour-meets-grunge" collections center on luxe leather jackets, directional dresses and urban knitwear.

      Owens attraction to goth motifs, dark glamour and vampire aesthetic are explained as an adolescent attraction to transgression, the idea of letting the id (pleasure principle of the brain) win.

      With his collaboration with the Eo Bocci Associati group to fully develop Owenscorp, Rick ended up moving his production to Italy in 2001. The same year, Kate Moss was featured in one of his leather jackets for an editorial shot by Corinne Day. Following the Moss shoot, Annie Leibovitz photographed Owens and Kembra Pfahler, the designer's iconoclastic muse, who wore his designs for Vogue's US September issue. When he show cased his runway collection in 2002 during NY Fashion Week, it received rave reviews with Vogue's sponsorship and Anna Wintour listing him as one of her three "Most Fabulous Discoveries".

  Owens is quoted in the book: “I design clothes for someone who has experienced a lot and satisfied a lot of appetites. Someone who’s past experimenting, who’s been there and done it. It’s very autobiographical.” Despite the perception that Owens' style is often viewed as morbid, there’s an undeniable brightness about his humanity, and rarely do both come across.