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       Created in 2006 by designers Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt, Berlin-based fashion label Anntian combines both atypical, unique cuts that are sometimes avant-garde with the painstaking hand printed detail that Anne puts in each piece. With its subtle, harmonic tone this collection is yet intense and layered in detail. Conceptual work technique is employed in the process, utilizing a one of a kind printing process in Anntian, actually derived from an elaborate old world paper printing technique. As a result, Anntian is the sort of collection that establishes permanence by bringing timeless pieces with the foresight to educe for years to come.

     Although the great attention to detail is apparent in Anntian, the collection is concerned with the natural state of being -- the fascinations to what some regard as errors, mistakes, abnormalities, unusual or uncommon characteristic. Much like real life, as in the case of a beautiful women, oftentimes the beauty lies in the essence of imperfections, small subtle details that can give striking characteristics of unfounded beauty. The fascination with Nature being the utmost field of inspiration and greatest detail is also coupled with an enthusiam for vanguard field techniques, architecture and future visions.