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    Minimale Animale is Cassandra Kellogg's debut collection as a swimwear designer, whose work has been featured several times in Sports Illustrated's renowned Swimsuit issue, Foam, Exit and also Self Service. Growing up in Napa Valley, CA Kellogg says as a child she was "obsessed with all things associated with the ocean" and "never wanted to leave the beach". This along with inspiration from her grandmother, who had success as a ballerina in Cuba led Cassandra to showcase the female form through her swimwear, as her grandmother would design ballerina costumes at an early age.

    At age 20, Kellogg knew she wanted to be a designer after her first photo shoot, constantly dreaming of her ideas until their fruition. She endured the rugged trails and tribulations of design school, which she stated as having  been slightly unnecessary in the amount of work needed,but forever instrumental in preparing her for the trying amount of work needed to run her own brand.

  Minimale Animale's aesthetic is not for the faint of heart, showcasing an unbridled sexiness that has led her to international acclaim. Kellogg thought there a gap in the marketplace for swimwear that personified her style, swimsuits without neon prints, lace, jewelry and excess. The eye catching details of Minimale Animale plunging necklines, fierce mesh tops and low sung bottoms is not for the timid.  Kellogg proudly declares,“The collection is for confident, young-at-heart women who aren’t afraid of wearing something striking, and also for those who embrace their natural beauty and are comfortable in their own skin.”