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    Questioning the conformity of fad in the modern wardrobe, designer Damir Doma draws upon the juxtaposition of the rugged & the refined to illustrate a duality in the balance of light and rawness in the transient nature of the human body. Doma's collections are lit by a soft, melancholic quest for tranquility. Exploring the idea of contemporary masculinity through the liberal use of distinct, avant-garde silhouettes is common element in the Silent line by Damir Doma. The recurring use of shapes in Doma's work draws upon a plethora of influences from the modern art world to architecture illustrating a foregoing embellishment & decoration for purity of form.

        The Croatian-born and Parisian-raised designer Damir Doma grew up surrounded by toiles in his mother’s atelier in Germany and later studied fashion in Berlin and Munich, thereby graduating in 2004. After gaining experience in the ateliers of Belgian designers Raf Simons and Dirk Schönberger in Antwerp, he relocated to Paris to join the Paper Rain group in 2007.

         DAMIR DOMA launched its premier menswear collection right on the official schedule for the Spring Summer 2008 season, after this, three years later showed the first womens prét-à-porter collection for Autumn Winter 2010.

         As an iconoclastic, alternative to the garb offered in the fashion, Damir Doma distinct style and brand presence has allowed his work to stand out in the contemporary market. By combining the trinity of the spirit, mind and body with the designer personal aesthetic and philosophy, Doma is able to harmoniously link his ideas through this obsessive interplay between shadow and light.