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       Treading the line between streetwear & couture, Katie Eary has inspired a cult following through the raw animalism of her designs. Eary studied fashion at the prestigious Royal London College of Arts and worked a stint at Levi's before establishing her own label. Eary's work reflects an etherial, mirage-like quality by combining the sophistication of menswear garments with attention-garnering patterns as well as vibrant color schemes.


     Street couture is the nucleus of Eary's ethos, blurring the monumental line between Vogue & Vice. Inspired by the frenetic, mystical spirit of Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Spring 2014's offering is a colourful mix-up of primal prints and fluid silhouettes, from lizard-patterned tops in vibrant shades to leopard-print minidresses with a flame motif rising from the hem. Also key in Eary's collection is swimwear ranging from fluorescent, sanguine bikinis to graceful, plunging one-pieces.


     The bare synthesis of luxurious materials apparent in high quality menswear & the raw energy of detailed animal prints are what set Katie Eary as an iconoclast in the industry, unique from any other couture and street lines. Spring '14, also reflects a darkness in the designer's work, is reminiscent of the Irvine Welsh novel Maribou Stork Nightmares, a psychological thriller which takes the reader into a vivid, alluring world that is wrought with blissful terror and dream-like vignettes. The novel itself is characterized as a vicious, macabre work which predatory young men prey solely on women, devouring their lives, souls, hopes and dreams. Symbolic in Eary's original interpretation of Welsh's work, are young men in tropical hues wrapped in exotic leopard prints, massive flamingos, and gradient acid camouflage.